Our Solicitors and lawyers are experienced in a variety of Real Estate transactions, in brief see below some of the main areas:


  • Contracts of sale , lease or exchange, of immovable property
  • Applications by non-Cypriot purchasers for a permit to acquire immovable property.
  • Searches and deposits of contracts at the Land Registry.
  • Powers of attorney for carrying out any acts in relation to immovable property.
  • Wills and Trusts.
  • Administration of Estates and Re-sealings.





For non – Cypriot purchasers in particular we can act as their attorney and perform any of the following services on their behalf:


  • undertake any pre – contract negotiations,
  • sign the relevant agreement and depose it at the Land Registry,
  • take possession of the property
  • ensure that all necessary services (water, electricity and telephone) are installed or transferred in their name,
  • file an application for the necessary permit,
  • effect the transfer of the property in their name


Other services that can be provided regarding property and real estate law include:


  • Drafting of Contracts
  • Sale and exchange contracts
  • Construction contracts
  • Related mortgages and guarantees
  • Lease agreements
  • Shopping mall licenses and other building contracts
  • General agreements for commonly owned buildings